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Topic: I can't get any items!

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8/10/2020 1:09pm
Dear ACC Community,

I need some help!
I can't figure out how to get any items on the catalog! I try clicking the Square/Circle next to the item name and nothing happens! It wont check or anything! I have 100 bells, My character has 40,000, and my character is a GC character. I really want some items for him (e.g. Classic bed, Froggy chair)

Hi! I'm Austin of CoolTown!
Come visit CoolTown, and maybe even move in!
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1/6 10:10am
Hey there, Austin, and welcome to ACC!

Sorry to read that you're having some trouble getting around on the website, but we're more than glad to help you out!

Before starting off, I'll assume that you'll want to finish setting up your account for your GameCube town, CoolTown, since I see that it is mostly set up at the moment. If this is not the case, you can reply to this thread and tell us for which game console you'd like to finish setting things up.

Setting Up Your Catalog
Since you're already done with configuring your town and character, you can head out to the My Catalog page either through this link or on the sidebar, and from there you'll start seeing the Website's Catalog interface. Once there, make sure that the desired game character is the one listed at the top left of the page. If not, you can change it from the dropdown list to any of your configured characters on this website.

Once you've selected the correct character to set up the catalog, you'll see near the top right of the screen a couple of links to View, Edit, or Trade Catalog items. These buttons are just below the username lookup and the logout button. Please select the Edit button from this section.

Throughout the next page you'll find out the instructions to properly fill up your Catalog (inside a couple of orange boxes), but as an overview, you should:

1. Select an item category from the table, whether it is a furniture series or fishes or insects, in order to narrow down the list of items shown, or select the All AC items option in order to bring up a list of all in-game existing items to add to your Catalog.

2. Once you've selected the category of items you'd like to add to your Catalog, you will see the page loads an entire list of those items. Now, this is where it could perhaps get a bit convoluted: right below the Step 2 instruction box, you'll see a couple of categories to choose from -- Inventory Item, Wish List Item, and Non-Inventory. As a summary, you can choose Inventory Items to show which items exist within your in-game catalog; Wish List Item helps you indicate which items you'd like to obtain but haven't owned yet (this comes useful for trades and letting other ACC users know which items they may want to trade with you); and Non-Inventory serves to "uncheck," so to speak, an item that you may have incorrectly set up as part of your Inventory but really isn't.

3. After you're all done with the chosen category of items, you should click on Save Changes at the bottom of the table so you don't lose any progress! Don't want to lose any progress while checking up many items from this list. And, of course, repeat these three steps that I've outlined with any new category you may wish to update.

And that's it! You'll now have your ACC Catalog in sync with your game's catalog.

Now, regarding the Bell count, which you also mentioned... ACC the same name, Bells, for our Website-only perks--they do not represent the actual Bell count you may have in your game, despite having the same name. You can read up on more about ACC Bells on our Treasure Hunting FAQ or by clicking on your Bell count from the left sidebar. Apologies for any confusion it might've brought.

Hopefully, you'll find out things a bit easier to find now throughout ACC. If you're still a bit lost, though, and still need some help around, you can respond on this thread and we'll gladly help you out. Also, you may find it useful to check out our Adoptions system, through which our   ACC Scouts offer any guidance and assistance to any members that have recently signed up. They're also able and willing to help you out on getting the ropes into how ACC works.

Have fun!
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