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                                                               Animala High
                                                 An Animal Crossing Story by PeanutsBFF
                                                                    Chapter 1

I raced out the door, a piece of peanut butter toast in my paw, my backpack over my shoulder. I was late. Again. Why did school have to start so early in the morning? Any time before eight o'clock was not a time meant for being awake.
I was so focused on getting to school that I bumped right into Static, who was in no hurry, considering he was late every day and he didn't care. He just looked at my toast and gasped mockingly. "Peanut!" he yelled, pointing at me. "You're eating peanut butter toast?! That's cannibalism!" He laughed at his stupid joke, as if it were funny the first four hundred times.
Normally I would have shouted some similar retort ("I guess you touching a doorknob would be murder, then"), but I had no time. I just kept running. I figured the speed I was going at would be a solid excuse to get out of gym class.

After running several blocks, I finally collapsed at the school's front door. I pushed it open with my last bit of strength to find that my best friend, Rosie, was right there waiting for me. "Hiiii, Peanut!" she greeted me, her eyes shining with her usual energy. She held out her paw and helped me up.
"Hey," I panted, smiling weakly. "S-sorry I'm late...."
"No biggie!" she said. "I'm late too. C'mon!" She started to run, and before I knew it, I was weightlessly flying behind her. "We can be late buddies!"
We both laughed as we made our way to our English class.

Once we arrived, Rosie peeked her head in the door. "What luck!" she whispered to me. "Ms. Pelly's late too! C'mon, let's go sit down!" We walked to our desks, virtually unnoticed by all the rest of the chatting animals.
Except one. "Well, well," a voice from the back of the room said, "if it isn't the Johnny-Come-Lately girls." A certain brown squirrel had a smug smirk on her face, her tail bobbing up and down.
"We didn't ask for your opinion, Pecan," I snapped back.
"I didn't ask for two of the most annoying classmates in history, but you can't always get what you want."
"Oh, really?!" Rosie crossed her arms. "Is that what you think of us?!"
"You're just now figuring that out? You're even dumber than I thought."
By now, every animal in the room had their eyes on us. As I was looking around, I did a double take when I realized that Ms. Pelly was one of them. "Eep! Oh...um...Ms. Pelly!" I laughed nervously. "G-good morning! How are you?"
"Settle down, everyone," Ms. Pelly said calmly as she walked to her desk. "Sorry I'm late. I was stuck in traffic when the whole 'I'm going to be doing this for the rest of my life' thing ran through my head again...." She laughed a little, then smiled broadly. "Anyway, I have some exciting news! We have a new student joining our class! She just moved here all the way from Treehut. She should be arriving soon...."
Just then, I heard a tiny little knock, if you could even call it that, at the door.
"That must be her!" Ms. Pelly turned to the door. "Come in!" she called.
The door opened slowly, and a red-and-white squirrel walked in. She was looking at the floor, so I could barely see her face. She walked up to the front of the class, still not looking at us, and trembling a little.
"Go on," Ms. Pelly said kindly. "Tell the class your name."
The squirrel looked at us a little bit. Her eyes were small and fearful-looking, and she was blushing a little. "U-um..." she muttered almost inaudibly, "m-my name is...um...P-Poppy...." She immediately looked at the floor again.
"It's wonderful to meet you," Ms. Pelly continued. "Please go find an empty seat."
Poppy walked over to a seat in the corner and sat down. She was just looking at the desk now.
Unfortunately, the desk she chose was right next to Pecan's. "So, Poppy," she said, "you new here?"
Poppy looked up. "Y-yes," she said, her voice shaking. "My...family and I just moved here...I mean, I guess Ms. Pelly already s-said that...."
Pecan looked her right in the eyes. "Well then, I guess I should let you in on something," she whispered. "You mess with me, you'll regret it for the rest of your natural--"
"Pay attention, Pecan," Ms. Pelly called.
Poppy was looking at her desk again, now noticeably shaking. I couldn't help getting a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach. Most animals here were used to Pecan's belittling remarks, but it already looked like Poppy was nervous. Who knew how she'd handle it?

A/N: Here's yet another revival, this time for ILoveACCF's Creative Writing Competition. Check it out if you're interested, and enjoy!
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I like it so far!
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This is a very interesting concept, can't wait to see where it'll go!
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