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Topic: 21F looking for new friends! :)

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3/30 7:09pm
hi y'all. a little about me. my college got shut down for the semester so i'm at home with my parents for who knows how long. online classes start on monday so i won't be available ALL the time but i don't have a job or anything (and probs won't be able to get one for however long this virus thing lasts) so i do have a good amount of free time!

i've been a member of ACC since like 2009 maybe? and i definitely remember the good old days spending all day on this site and making a bunch of new friends...ah, the nostalgia. one of the best things about animal crossing is being able to spend time with new people, and i want to do that with new horizons!

im 3 hours behind ACC time, if that is very important, and i am in the northern hemisphere! i don't have ables sisters but i do have nook's cranny! and pears. lots of pears. and depending on when you visit i also have peaches, oranges, apples, and coconuts. idk how i feel about voice chat bc i am shy. lol. don't really have rules for visiting except DON'T PICK THE WHITE FLOWERS. im trying to go for an all-white theme.

maybe put a lil bit about yourself in this thread? not necessary but i always like to read stuff about people. i'll add pretty much anyone lol.
yes i am 21 yes i was a horse girl when i was 11 yes my user is
abluvhorses and i cant delete it yes we exist
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5/24 10:06am
Hi! 22F who also remembers the good old days of ACC and spent probably thousands of hours on this website (I miss Wild World sometimes ngl). I am working from home till this whole quarantine thing is over and work is SLOW so I'm spending a lot of time playing ACNH!
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4/19 2:57am
Hiii, so I'm new to the ACC community but I've played the GC animal crossing, Wild World and New Leaf. I'm 25, Male and currently living in Guam right now so that means I am 14-15 hours ahead of EST. I am currently in the military so I still have to go in and work but I've been playing ACNH as much as I possibly can. I was finally able to get my GF to finally sit down and play a game with me for hours and hours, but now she's addicted and sometimes doesn't even sleep xD.

I admit that I time traveled a bit in order to skip waiting a day for a couple things to be built. My native fruit is Apples and I'm in Northern Hemisphere. I have Nooks Cranny and Able Sisters. I do plan on risking it all with Turnips, once Sunday hits.

I hope we can be friends
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6/2 4:46pm
Request sent
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AC:NH WiFi Lobby Board » Topic: 21F looking for new friends! :)

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