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12/2/2021 12:25pm
Evening guys,

I have recently discoved the ACNH duplication glitch on youtube, if you don't know what it is go and look into it if you're interested (I don't want to spoil the game for anyone.)

I work full time and my favourite thing to do on AC is decorate my town, it always has been since the Gamecube days but because I work so much I don't have the time to get my town where I want it to be and dedicate hours to it like I used to.

My issue is I have a Switch lite and can't do the glitch myself because I can't do multiplayer with a resident living in my town using the lite.

I understand that glitching and time travel isn't for everyone but for anyone who has done the glitch and can kindly give me as many bells as possible I would be sooooo appreciative.

Send me a private thread if you can help me out,

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1/30/2022 6:20am
You can actually do it on the lite you just need 2 controllers or joy cons
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