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4/8 1:08pm
I went to the patterns section of the forum, but I don't really get how to use them since there are no QR codes. I'm new to Animal Crossing, so I don't know if that's a new feature or not, any advice?
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We don't allow users to directly post images to the site but users can upload a QR code to an image host or other website and link to that here, provided that all of the content on the page is appropriate.

We do have a patterns section of the site outside of the forums as well but that currently does not support QR codes. It was created for the original worldwide Gamecube game which didn't support them or even have a camera. Back then people used to recreate them in their game although I believe the newer games use a different color palette so it would be hard to replicate the pattern.
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10/21 2:04pm
"I believe the newer games use a different color palette"
Wild World and City Folk used the same palettes as AC:GC, not that that helps much. The palettes in New Leaf and New Horizons are quite similar, though.

But in answer to the original question, yes, the patterns section doesn't support QR Codes yet - you will have to manually copy the pattern into your game for now. We're working on it, though!
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