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3/22/2020 7:42pm
I remember when I would play ACWW as a kid. I was about 12-14 years old. The memories of logging on to multiple forums to find new people to meet and new towns to explore will always be special to me. I remember having some of the best times of my childhood in that game. Countless all-nighters spent talking to newly made friends, trying to catch all of the fish/bugs, or even just listening to the background music! Those were the days man...

Well, here I am at 24 years old, done with college, and establishing a life for myself. I just downloaded and started playing AC:NH. Wow, what a nostalgia trip. I've barely played past arriving at the island and I'm already getting those giddy emotions that I had as a kid playing Animal Crossing. So much so that I decided to check out some AC forums! Low and behold, I discovered that I already had an account here from back in the day! I hope it's not creepy for someone my age to be on this forum or play Animal Crossing in general. But if it is, oh well. Not gonna stop me lol.

I guess the whole purpose of this post is just express my excitement for getting back into Animal Crossing and to see if there's any fans here my age to share that excitement with.

Thanks for reading

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11/24/2022 10:27pm
I totally feel the same way! I was 13 staying up all night playing city folk. My wii remote in my hands and my laptop next to me. I met some life long friends on that game. From all over the world. When Uber NH was releasing I couldn’t help but log back on. 23 here and I swear I’m acting like a kid all over again.
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3/29/2020 1:31pm
I'm exactly the same (24 myself)! Played WW to death as a kid, Although I had the WII version, I never really got into it, but now I've spent the whole weekend playing New Horizons and was amazed to see this forum is still running.
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3/23/2020 4:03pm
I remember playing AC on the gamecube in like 2003
I've been playing since then and I actually still play NL on my DS.
This site hasn't changed one bit! Lol
But NH is actually amazing, its probably my favorite game so far.
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