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Animal Crossing: New Horizons has brought us a new feature that now allows players to connect with one another online. The new Dodo code feature of the game allows players to generate a one time code to allow people onto their island. Essentially, this works like a temporary friend code. Due to the temporary nature of Dodo codes and their overt differences from friend codes, the Staff have felt that ACC needs to approach Dodo codes differently than they have with friend codes and other gamer tags in the past. Users will be allowed to share Dodo codes with some limitations and guidelines.

- While ACC encourages users to use our friend code system to set up online sessions, Dodo codes are permitted to be shared in private threads only.

- Dodo codes posted anywhere outside of private threads (eg. public boards, profiles, signatures, etc.) will be removed with the possibility of a violation being issued.

- Since exchanging Dodo codes bypasses ACC's friend code system, ratings cannot be issued in the traditional sense. Users will not be able to post any kind of feedback, anywhere on the site, from online sessions that originate from Dodo codes. To do so will be a violation of 1.22 Posting Feedback Outside Of The Trading Post Feedback & WiFi Rating Systems.

- Users may still issue feedback to others via our site rating system if they have accepted a friend code request from one another, regardless of how the online play session was initiated. Therefore, if you use our friend code system to exchange friend codes with a particular user alongside using a Dodo code (or other method) to set up a specific online session with that same user, you may issue an online play rating to that said user via our system.

To be very clear, if you choose to purely use Dodo codes to set up a WiFi session and there ends up being a problem, you will not be able to post any feedback anywhere on the site, good or bad. The Staff will also not become involved if there is a problem. You will not be able to send in a ticket for a violation. Again, we highly recommend using the friend code system so that feedback may be left appropriately, but you may use Dodo codes at your own risk. If you have any questions about this policy, please contact a Moderator.
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