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3/18 4:28pm

I'm new here and was wondering if there is a thread somewhere I can get answers to some questions, like ...

- How do you add/insert a photo to a post?

- How can I display my name and town name under my avatar, next to a post, like some users have?

- How you delete your own post?

Sorry if these questions have been asked a 1000 times, but the forum is a bit overwhelming for a newbie.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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You cannot delete your post or add pictures in a post. You can lock your own thread, however, and it archives afterwards.

To display your town, you need to create a character and town. First, click on “My Characters” on the left sidebar under My ACC. Second, proceed to make your character. Then, click on “My Town” and create a town for your character. You need to make sure it is your default character for it to show up under your profile picture.
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