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Topic: Protecting Your Town - A Guide on How to Keep Your Town Safe in AC:NL

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                                                                     Protecting Your Town - A Guide on How to Keep Your Town Safe in AC:NL

Hiya. It's come to my attention that, unfortunately, not everyone that plays AC:NL is a nice person. There are people out there who will want to wreck your town and ruin your hard work, as it's their idea of fun. I'm going to show you a few of the ways harm can befall your town, what to do in those situations, as well as some general tips on how to keep your town safe.

The Dangers

Stealing (likely) - Some people may take items or flowers that are left on the ground without your permission. This is more likely to happen if nobody is in the vicinity.
Vandalism (less likely, but still possible) - People may run through your hybrids or flowers with the intention of destroying them. Chopping down trees is another common form of vandalism.

What to do?

Solution #1
If not much damage has been done (or you feel you can fix it):

Press the start button, and select "End the multiplayer session". This will kick all visitors out of your town and save the game. Remember, whatever damage has been done will be saved, so only do this if you're comfortable with saving.

Solution #2
If too much has happened:

Simply flick the WiFi switch on the right side of your 3DS. This will cause a connection error, thus kicking out any visitors and returning your town to the state it was in when last saved.


Turn off your 3DS. Thankfully, turning off your 3DS during a WiFi session won't cause Resetti to appear. You can then load up the game from your last save (most likely right before the WiFi session began).

Tips to Keep Your Town Safe

Avoid Random FCRs - Unless you know who the person is, be wary of accepting random FCRs. As a general rule of thumb, only accept requests from people you know.

Check WiFi Ratings - Always check a user's WiFi ratings before playing with them. The ratings can be found by going to their profile, and finding the "Nintendo WiFi Info" section. From there, click on the text where it lists the number of ratings they've received, and you can look through each rating individually (including all comments). If you see anything of concern, think twice before playing with them.

Keep Items Inside - Anything you leave outside can be stolen. While it can be nice to have items laying about your town, it's not always the best idea if you're going to have visitors over. If you keep your items inside your house, in your inventory, or in storage, there will be nothing for visitors to steal. It's also a good idea to take any valuable flowers inside, if you don't mind doing so.

Keep Visitors in Sight - If you're having someone new over your town, make sure to keep an eye on them. Don't let them venture far out of your sight, as you don't know what they could be doing. Some people will not steal or vandalize if they're right next to you, but once they're out of your sight is another story.

Visitors Asking to Save - If a visitor asks you to save, always question why. It's possible they're asking you to save because they did damage to your town and want to make it permanent. To be on the safe side, take a look around your town to make sure everything's right before saving.

Make Regular Checks Around Town - Keep in mind that the game will save each time someone enters or leaves your town. Because of this, it's a good idea to make regular checks around town, particularly if you're having multiple guests over.

Visitors Randomly Leaving - If you suspect someone of stealing or vandalism and they begin to leave without warning, you may want to flick the WiFi switch (or turn off the game) before it has a chance to save. If you had other guests over at the time, you should explain why you ended the session without warning, since they may be confused.


There are various tricky methods that can be used to keep you unaware while someone steals your items or harms your town. Here are a few of those methods to watch out for:

Hide and Seek - Someone may ask you to play hide and seek, and for you to be the seeker. Then they may ask you to count somewhere out of the way, such as inside a building. It's possible that they'll use this opportunity to steal items, or harm the town in some way. Also, if somebody asks you to save while you're in the middle of counting, they've most likely done something to your town and you should check around to see if anything has been damaged. If they begin to leave town before you've had a chance to search around, you should turn off the power (or flick the WiFi switch) just to be safe.

I forgot my fishing rod, shovel, etc - If someone announces that they've forgotten a tool or another item and that they need to go back to their town to fetch it, you should check around town before they leave. Sometimes this is used as an excuse to save the game, and make any damage permanent.

Can I catalog some items? - Always be careful when allowing someone to catalog your items, and keep a close eye on them until they've dropped the items. While often times they genuinely want to catalog an item, sometimes their true motive is to steal from you. If they attempt to run away without dropping the items, be sure to turn off the power.

Of course, try not to be overly paranoid after reading this. The purpose of this guide is to inform you on what to watch out for and what to do if things go awry during a WiFi session; however, that's not to say everyone that enters your town has ill intentions. After all, there are many, many friendly people playing AC:NL. Most are not out to harm you, but try to follow this advice when you can. Above all else, be careful!
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