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3/21 8:32pm
After discussions with the staff and SIC, we have decided to create a 'Do Not Contact' list that all Service Club and Giveaway's should follow. The idea of the thread is members of the site that do not want to be PT'ed about either working for or receiving greeting threads from Service Clubs and Giveaways, may post there names, and we will maintain a list.

Service Club and Giveaway owners are required to follow the list, and not contact anyone that does not want to be contacted. Anyone found contacting members named in this thread, will have the PT locked under Rule 1.12 - Harassing others. This is a Universal list, and needs to be followed by all Service Clubs and Giveaways.

Please Note: Being on this list does not mean that the person should not be contacted if they post on your thread to ask to receive your services. Any PT relating to services that are requested by a person on the DNC is OK - but remember that the person has to request the service first. Some examples of allowable PTs are (but are not limited to):
• PTs to arrange a WiFi session between a member in this list and a Service Club
• Survey PTs that ask about services provided to any member on the DNC list

Until your name is added to the updated list in this post you are not considered to be officially on the DNC list. Service Club and Giveaway employees are ONLY responsible for making sure they do not contact people after they have been added to this official list in this post.

If you do not want to be contacted by Service Clubs and Giveaways, please leave your name on this thread.
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