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9/25 4:56am
There are obviously a lot of things that I want to see be continued from NewLeaf, and even come back from absence, but there are also some things that I would like gone.

1. Transportation passing through places we need to get to
I feel like I am the only once who has this has one of their pet peeves.  I HATE HATE HATE it when I need to get into Main Street, and right as I do, a darn train has to pass through.  I hope we will not have this in NewHorizons.

2. Grass Deteriration
If you are anything like me, you are constantly running around aimless in your town.  It gets us to places faster, and if we weren't constantly running around, it would take for what feels like forever to get from Point A to Point B.  In CityFolk and in NewLeaf, you are punished for this.  The grass will slowly, but surely start to disappear resulting in several disadvantages: lowered town rating, absence of snowballs, and it just makes the town (for me) look bluh.

3. Falling While Running
I get these days a lot in NewLeaf, which get annoying. I read that this has to do with a bad luck day, but these are usually hard to reverse.  For one thing the thing you are told to obtain is barely accessable.  Futhermore, Katrina does not always have her tent set up when this happens.  You can get a phone, but this can take a while too.

4. Villagers Changing Their Mind About Moving Even When You Encourage Them To Move
I literally cannot understand this!  Why would a villager want to move, then change their mind after they are ENCOURAGED by the player.  They should only change their mind when the player stops them!  I feel bad for the players who have gone through this with the villagers they hate and are dying for them to move.

. . .

That's all I can think of for right now.  If you guys disagree or just don't feel the same way about these, that is fine.  Just be considerate and respectful.

Another good way to go about these features, maybe not getting rid of them completely, but at least allowing us to disable them.  That way the people who want a challenenge and a more realistic approach, can keep these optional features enabled, but for those who are extereely casual and don't want to deal with any peeves, can just disable them.

. . .

Feel free to discuss these as well as your own that I didn't list.
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9/26 11:10pm
The tropical island permanently set to August where previously rare bugs and fish are laughably common.
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9/15 11:23am
I am very much hoping that Animal Tracks is gone or we have the ability to turn it off.  New Leaf brought it down some, but it still wasn't something i liked.  

I hope they also get rid of the bland personalities that the Animals have and replace it with a more swaying system.  If I am nice and work to make Octavian like me, that would be great.  If I ignore someone like Lily, she should not be bubbly & giddy when I come around.  

and soggy steamed vegetables are the universe's way of crying inconsolably.
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9/25 2:38pm
To clarify: Animal tracks occur when you walk as well as run with equal effects. I find grass wear interesting, but if they do end up keeping it (which seems unlikely based on the trailers), i hope they increase the rate at which the grass grows back.
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