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11/22/2019 5:14pm
When do you think they will release the original music for the game? Sometimes they release some beforehand... Saw this and it got me excited!!


I want to hear all 24 of the hourly songs for New Horizons!!! Do you think they will repeat any from previous games?? (Wild World and City Folk shared 2am)
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wild world and city folk shared more than just 2am. aside from a few obscure tracks, CF uses almost every WW track. there was very little original music in CF.

I'm definitely hoping that there are NO repeated tracks for the hourly music. I've heard people saying that some music in the trailer sounds like a remix of the 6pm (or was it 6am I forget) track from WW/CF, but I tried real hard to listen for it and I couldn't pick it out maybe it's one of those more advanced remixes/references where you have to know more technical things about music to catch it

but yes I'm also very excited, especially for the snow versions of the music!!! I think we'll get maybe a taste of a few more tracks in future trailers, but I doubt they're going to prerelease all of the hourly tunes.
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I'm hoping for no repeat hourly music as well. I mean, CF copied WW across the board but NH seems like a decent departure from NL so I'm not too worried just yet.
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