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Topic: My Current and Very Sticky Situation

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7/22 12:06am
I have epilepsy and I have a tough time looking at bright lights and watching tv for a long time. That's why I have to get rid of my PS4. I can play games on my phone and watching things on my laptop. I was thinking about getting a Nintendo Switch for the longest time, and I think it would be cool if I can play it with no problem, since the screen on the switch is just slightly larger than the one on my phone. Do you think it would be ok to buy a switch and try it out? I love playing video games and I don't want to stop. I also don't want to waste my money on something that's gonna br a problem for me in the future
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6/23 2:54pm
Are there any places around you that may have demo stations? Target, Fry's, etc.?

I don't know enough about epilepsy, so I don't want to say yes/no. If you can do phones, then I feel like a Lite would probably be fine if not played for long periods of time, in a well-lit area, so on and so forth, while another part of my head says that you really shouldn't push things. But again, I don't know too much about it.

I'd definitely see about a demo station before making any decision.
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8/26 9:58am
Do you have any friends who have a Switch?  If so, can you ask them if you can try out playing it in handheld mode and see if you are ok with it?  Otherwise if that is not possible then your doctor is probably the best person to consult.

It strikes me that different games may cause different responses as well.  So it might be best to try out free demos of games first (where they are available) to see if they are ok or not.
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In addition to the above, you should only purchase physical games in case you need to return them, since it's a huge pain to get a refund on digital games. That way, if a particular game makes you feel ill, you'll be able to return it.

You should also look at the return period of the store you buy the console from. My local Target has a return window of 30 days, whereas Walmart/Best Buy are 14 days, and Gamestop is 7 days. However, if you're a "Best Buy Elite Plus" member (dunno what that is) you have up to 45 days. Definitely keep that in mind when deciding to buy, and make sure your local store's return policies are the same, since if the entire Switch console is giving you problems, you'll want to return it for a full refund, instead of trying to sell it second-hand and taking a loss. The more time you can squeeze out of the return window, the better.

Finally, the Switch has a system-wide grayscale option in the settings, so if you're triggered by lots of bright, vivid colors, this would be useful.

Best of luck!
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