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Topic: Deleting my account I made 10 years ago?

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2/2 11:43am
Hi. Is there any way to permanently delete my account on this website?

I am also posting this as a thread because I cannot find where I can make a request to delete this account.

I made this account 10 years ago and forgot about it until now, I remember I didn't really use this site a whole lot other than finding some patterns to use in the games.

I would like to have this account deleted as I no longer go on this site anymore.

Thanks for reading.

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We don’t delete accounts. You can change your password and not come back. Seeing as you forgot about this site for ten years, you won’t have much of a problem not logging in.
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9/23 5:08pm
Hi there! As already stated ACC doesn't delete user accounts. Almost all personal information associated with your account can be removed without any Staff involvement simply by editing your profile. Please let us know if you have any additional questions.

Thank you!
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Site Support Board » Topic: Deleting my account I made 10 years ago?

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