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Topic: I may have found a new hybrid recipe?

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4/10/2021 4:32am
I play city folk regularly, and whenever I get a hybrid by accident I usually put it in front of my house. At this point I had two purple roses placed diagonally, a black tulip, and a random white rose.

As you can see in this picture, I logged on today to see that a purple rose had sprouted from my other two.

I would constantly look up guides in my childhood, so I have memorized a large portion of the recipes, yet I had no memory of this one. So after a quick google search, I realized that there was no documentation of this (at least that was easily available), not even on Nookipedia, which appears to list all possible hybrid and non-hybrid combinations.

I am the only person in my house who still plays, I have never hacked, and those were the only two purple roses Ive grown since getting back into City Folk, so this is completely real.

Can anyone else find anything about this, or am I really the first person bringing this to light?
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I was under the impression that breeding any two identical flowers (except for gold roses) can produce a third flower of the same color and type, but it's been a while since I've played, so I'm not sure about that.
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8/21/2021 10:19pm
I'm afraid it's known ACC's own ACWW Hybrid Guide (which is the same as AC:CF's) says this:

"Crossbreeding crossbreeds - In example, say you want more than one of a pink tulip. You can not only crossbreed a red and white tulip, but you can crossbreed a pink tulip with another tulip and still have a chance at getting a pink tulip. If you crossbreed a pink tulip with a pink tulip, if a flower sprouts from that, it's sure to be another pink tulip."
This also happens in New Leaf -- I bought two black roses from someone here on ACC, then kept watering them and using fertilizer to grow an entire black rose farm, and eventually sold them by the bunches back to other ACC users and turned a healthy profit. Did the same with blue roses too.
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7/29 12:57pm
What is the best way to get blue roses please
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