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This year, it felt like just when I thought, "Oh great! It's back! This'll be fun" it was over before I had the chance to participate. As well, I believe that it was announced the day that it started, and since it was for just June 22-25th that made it difficult as well to catch.

I am sure that it takes a lot of work to run these, but I'm wondering if it could've been a bit better if it had either been longer or if there was more of a heads up ahead of time.
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2/28 10:47pm
Thank you for the feedback, I definitely think for future events we should start requesting announcements to alert people in advance.

I think we have the capacity to run it for a couple more days next time, if people are interested! It’s always a gamble between how long we think people will stay actively engaged, without going so long that it annoys people.

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