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Topic: The Diary of Mable and Sable ~ a fanfiction from 2011

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7/15/2019 10:57am
When I was about 10 years old I began working on a fanfiction called 'The Diary of Mable and Sable.' I am now 20 and I recently found it online and cringed so much at what I had written. However, I realised I had never actually finished writing it, and after all these years I'm going to repost this story and bring it to a closure.

I don't plan on making too many changes to the story, so I guess don't criticise too much as I feel like changing it too much,  despite the inaccuracies and bizarre spelling and apologies used, would almost be destroying a part of my childhood.

So just remember the age I was when I wrote this and I hope you find it as entertaining as I did when I found it a couple of weeks ago.

Also you're allowed to mock me if you see something strange written here, I've been mocking myself so much!! XD
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7/15/2019 10:57am
~~~~~~The Diary of Mable and Sable~~~~~~

Chapter 1- A new sister coming.


Guess what! I'm going to have a new baby sister!
I am looking foward to her arrival!
I can't help but wonder, what colour will she be? What will she look like? What will her name be?
Most of all, how we will get along.

I have been an only child for quite some time now. I have never even thought of what it would be like to have a sibling.
This will change my life. I just wondered.... how? Would she ruin my life or make it better?

I have said a lot about what I think of having a new baby sister, now all I need to do is tell you a bit more about myself:

My name is Sable. I love sewing and making clothes.

I live with my mother and father.

Life is good and I love to just chill out. I hardly have any worries at all.

There is however one problem with my life... I live in a hole underground. My dream is to move to Animal Town where I do not have to live in fear or preditors.

I guess it is not too bad here. I have a nice bedroom.

Everynight, before bed, mother comes, turns the fire on, wraps a blanket around me and reads me a be time story.

It's nice here I guess. I don't need to think about moving for a while, I have a nice home and a nice familly, soon to have another familly member.

I need to go, I'll write more tomorrow.

-Sable xx

Chapter 2 - The Birth of Mable


I got up this morning. Usually, my parents are downstairs, making breakfast. It is normally a crunchy, nutty, cereal. We all get round a table and eat together.

Usually mother is too busy making seconds though to eat with us! I don't know why she bothers because we're such a small familly.

I was looking foward to breakfast. I went downstairs. My parents were not there. This was strange.

I went to their room. They were not there either!

I saw a note on the bed. I read it. This is what it said:

    "Dear Sable,
    We are in the hospital. The baby is coming. We have decided to call her Mable.
    What I want you to do, is go to your uncle Fable's house. He knows you're
    coming. He will take you to the hospital and you can meet your new baby sister!
    Love you. Mother and Farther xx"

I was both excited and upset. I was so glad the baby was coming but I was upset because I have to stay with uncle Fable.

To my parents, he acts like a sweet, loving, kind old man but to me, he acts his true self.

He is an evil porcipine who is always coming up with plans to make my life miserable.

I think he's a goth! My parents think he likes the colour black but I think it is much, much more.

He is always acting miserable, well, when my parents arn't here.

His life is full of deep, dark secrrets. In his room, he has a cave that I see him go into every midnight.

He makes potions. Once I went in! all I could see were notes and a dartboard on the wall. The dartboard was a picture of me.

It was full of darts and spikes.

_____________________• • •

I went out the house. I was feeling very depressed.

I arrived at my uncles house. I knocked on the door.

I thought he would come out and murder me or something! Luckily, I thought wrong.

He welcomed me with a smille. I knew his kindness wouldn't last this long.

I was tensed up a lot inside. I didn't know what would happen next.

I am currently in my uncles house. He hasn't turned on me yet but I know it's coming.
I can't wait until I go to the hospital!

Wait. He's calling me to go now. Got to go. I'll write more tomorrow.

~Sable xx

Most embarrassing parts of these chapters:

1) calling the uncle 'Fable'

2) the description of Fable's gothic tastes

3) the automatic assumption that something terrible was going to happen

4) taking the quote "I can't wait to go to hospital" out of context

I'd love to see which parts you guys find funny!
Remember... bad times are just times that are bad
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5/18 1:24am
oh wow. i can't believe how strongly i remember reading this! i think i was genuinely unsettled by fable? but like, (re)reading that first chapter brought back a whole host of memories for me.
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11/1 2:39pm
I make so many mistakes i feel bad pointing one out [not to bad however as you shall see]. This one caught my eye, how did they know it was a girl and why wait till right before the birth to name her and whyyyy leave a 5 [well I assume she is 5] year old all alone at least wake the poor girl up or take her to the hospital.

it was very funny [but yeah the uncle is spooky]
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