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Topic: Any grownup gamers play OldSchool Runescape?

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2/15 11:33pm
Like the title says...

Just checking back to ACC after a long time away, I miss this site! Used to spend hours on end on here and playing Animal Crossing.

Also, I'm getting back into playing Runescape after a long time away from it too. Animal Crossing and Runescape were my top favorite games along with The Sims growing up.

Anyways, getting away from the topic too much. Does anyone on this board play Runescape still or want to get back into it with me?
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5/10/2021 10:16pm
I finally remembered my ACC login after literal years lol. I used to love runescape, i spent hours on it over the summers. I recently got back into it, too! I switch between the current version and old school. I like that they added a mobile version! I don't play it nearly as often but I find myself still getting sucked back into it now and then. It's got a certain charm I can't find may other places.
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2/9 4:21am
I used to play RS all the time back in 2006 and 2007. I came back to it when they released the mobile version of OSRS, and ended up getting hooked on it all over again.
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3/15/2021 4:02pm
Yeah, I've been playing it all last year, and I'm playing it still while I wait for New Horizons to come out. Send me a PT if you want my username there, and perhaps we can find something in-game to do together.
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9/30/2020 6:27am
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