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Topic: How do I change my time zone?

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7/14/2019 8:45am

The time shown on ACC is wrong for me and this is quite annoying when trying to work out when someone replied to me and when they might be online again. I've had a look around my settings and can't work out where to change the time shown on the forums - can someone help me out here? Thanks!
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8/8 3:34pm
Hi there, NeonRainbow727!

The clock shown at the top of the screen is set to the timezone of ACC's current headquarters in Kentucky, which is US Eastern time (5 hours behind UTC in winter, or 4 in summer). We call this "ACC time". The original reason for this was that back in 2002, when the site was created, its owner, jader201, was much less proficient at programming than he is now and didn't know how to use anything else. Nowadays, we would probably use UTC for that purpose, but at this point people are familiar with it and a change would be disruptive.

The chief advantage of having a single site-wide time zone is that it makes it easier for people in different time zones to schedule trades and other multiplayer sessions, because they have a standard reference time to refer to. You'll find that most people on ACC, regardless of which country they live in, tend to use ACC time for that. In the past, when we've suggested adding the option to set a time zone on the account settings page, people have objected on the basis that anyone using that option would tend not to specify times in ACC time when posting on the forums, making life difficult for those who do prefer to keep using it.

I do agree that the current system can be confusing if you're not used to it, and I maintain hope that a compromise will be found one day. But today is not that day, I'm afraid.

(And apropos of nothing, I think you might be the only other Mancunian I've seen on here! Sending sunny thoughts your way.)
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3/31/2020 8:38pm
Was about to post the same question.
Glad to have found the very well explained answer.
-3 hours difference from ACC time
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6/5/2020 2:57am
Thanks for the explanation, but I am still confused.

I live in the UK so this site is generally 5 hours behind me, however when I checked earlier (showing my friend the site) it was 11:34 my time, but 6:17 website time, 5 hours and 17 mins difference.

Just checked again 11:45 and ACC is 6:44, 11:59 and ACC is 6:47

It feels like it has its own time zone, that is frequently changing the minutes.

Anyone else noticed this?
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ACC pages are static, so you probably loaded the page a while ago. If you refresh the page or click to a new one, the clock should be accurate again.
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10/10 12:07pm
It doesn't update unless you refresh the page or go to a new page so I'm guessing you are spending more than 1 minute on each page so the ACC clock isn't moving while yours is.

If it's shifting by an hour, that's likely because of daylight savings time. ACC time changes when eastern time changes so if you live somewhere that doesn't do daylight savings time or does it on a different date it will shift by an hour when eastern time or your time changes.
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