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Topic: Looking to form a group of friends.

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3/12/2019 9:07pm
Well, yeah. I'm just a tad lonely if I must admit. I just recently created this account so I'm not too familiar with the Animal Crossing Community website, but I have used many forums like it. So I hope you'll spare me some sympathy for my lack of player reviews, I'm frankley feeling a bit nervous playing online myself. Anyways, I hope this doesn't get too long, but here's some things about myself:

I'm actually an original player from 2013 when the game was first released. I've enjoyed the AC game franchise since Wild World, and also have played City Folk, although most of my experience came from AC:WW.

I've reset my town many times, so my newest save is still pretty young. I don't think I really need anything, although. I'm pretty ready if anyone were to play with me. I'm mainly looking to build new friendships because of lost memories I had from playing the game years ago that I'd like to relive. My player name is CIMIN, and my town is called DahliaOx. .
I'm really hoping to meet someone new. I look forward to anyone who replies. Thank you.
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10/3/2020 11:58am
Hey there! I am desperately looking for people to play with as well due to the fact that I think the game can become a bit stale without online play.

If you want to play just shoot me a FC request.
Just an AC fan looking for friends.
Super excited about New Horizons; let's play!
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3/18/2019 7:09am
Im down to play.
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3/22/2020 11:40pm
We could be friends
I loved penguin and dear villager
LF: cube friga Tex aurora and iggy Erik fauna beau zell Lopez also Bruce
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7/7/2020 10:08am
Count me in? ^-^
I don't glide... I fly!
I played AC:GC as a kid, AC:WW as a teen, and now AC:NL as an adult.
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