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Hello everyone. Apologies again for the delay and extended down time. ACC's database can be unpredictable and hard to work with. While it may not be obvious, the transfer of personal user information is now complete. This means that your username, password, email address, and birth date are now stored in a more secure database.

Overview of changes:
• Stronger password encryption - your password will be converted the first time you change it or log in via the new system.
• Better log in security via HTTPS
• Log in via email on record or username
• Improved password reset system - password reset requests now email a link (good for 24 hours) that can be used to change your password.

In addition, the centralization of the user info will make coding and testing ACC 2.0 much easier. Again, we apologize for the lengthy down time and the inconvenience that it caused. If you experience any issues due to the information transfer or have any questions about it, please post them on this sticky on the Site Support board. Thank you.
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