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6/5/2021 9:03pm
Hey y'all. Jeez, it has been my first time back here in a while. It's weird I now qualify as a GG as well. I made this account when I was a lot younger, I actually locked myself out of my first account and made to make this one years later when I got my own email and such.

I am looking for active posters to make a "buddy thread" with. I would love to have a group of consistant players to kind of bounce ideas and trading off of. AC is always more fun with friends. I am SUPER looking forward to the switch announcement, in fact... that's why I am back on here after years of not being here. Hopefully ACC will boom again once the switch version comes around. I miss having my buddies online
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4/7/2019 3:01pm
Heyo, not sure of you mean like visiting towns or just active people in here. I'm the latter option.

I did somethin similar when I was trying to join TBT, NONE of the passwords worked so now there's a Stella-Io or a Stella-Blue account on there that has never been touched.
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3/3 10:58am
I'm hoping to be fairly active again soon, as I miss using this site. Hello!
After many years, I have decided to return to ACC, and I even donated $10.
I'm new to PC gaming and still love to play on my 3DS.
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