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7/16 10:30pm
There are some topics that are not suitable for the public boards on ACC as they can lead to trolling or flaming. However, like-minded people are able to gather in Private Threads (PTs). Members are not able to see PTs belonging to others and cannot know which groups are discussing which topics in those PTs. Therefore, if you wish to be invited to an existing PT on a particular topic, please post in this thread and state the type of topic you are interested in. Members who run PTs can monitor this thread and invite you to their thread if they wish.

Please keep the following rules in mind when posting on this thread:

1. Please post when you would like to be invited to a PT related to a particular topic.
2. Please do not request to be invited to PTs that would contain offensive content. These threads are not allowed anywhere on ACC, including Private Threads.
3. Members who run PTs may either add members who post in this thread to their PT directly or can send another PT formally inviting the member to join their PT. Invitations may not be issued in this thread.
4. If you have been asked not to contact someone, that still applies here. You may not send them an invitation.
5. Please do not spam this thread. Any unrelated posts will be removed by the Moderators. ()
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You can add me to any advice threads.
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7/16 5:12am
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9/1/2018 6:41pm
Can I please be invited to an LGBT type PT?

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11/2/2018 3:50am
I'd really like to be in a lgbt+ PT too :^)
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