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Are you a budding author? Use the Creative Writing board for posting stories, fan fiction, game diaries, and blogs. The Creative Writing board is open to both Animal Crossing and non-AC themed content.

As on all ACC boards, the ACC Site Rules apply.

In addition to the Site Rules, we feel it is necessary to add these:

• Keep It Clean - Rule 1.2 - Offensive Content clearly states what is not permitted. Rule 1.14 - Topics Not Allowed clearly states that controversial topics are to be kept in private threads. Please bear this in mind at all times, specifically with regards to alcohol, drugs, religion and politics.

Since raffles and lotteries are included in the Animal Crossing games, you will be allowed to mention these in your stories but cannot include other forms of gambling. In addition, romance and violence are allowable under the following conditions:
» Romantic Content - It is fine to write about how characters feel, as long as it does not break any rules. Any romantic physical expressions in stories and fan fictions needs to be mild. For example, it is fine to mention a romantic kiss, but it's not okay to go into the details of the physical aspects of that kiss. Emotional aspects of a kiss are also allowed but ensure you don't dwell too much on this and that it is in context of the plot.

» Violent Content - Mentioning a violent act is allowed to a certain extent. It is fine to make mention of weapons and blood, and it is fine to kill off a character, as long as one does not dwell on such a subject. Graphic descriptions of violence, including gore, will not be permitted at all. As before, please ensure that you are not breaking any rules."

Remember that ACC is a family-friendly site so when it comes to aspects in your story that have the potential to stray into territory that isn't family-friendly, think along the lines of how the popular Fairy Tales or children's books would portray such circumstances. Remember too that if you are not sure of what is acceptable, you may ask Modmins in the Creative Writing Board Rules Q&A thread.

The Modmins reserve the right to determine whether violent or romantic content in any story or fan fic is acceptable or crosses the line into inappropriate territory. Stories or fan fics that have graphic depictions of violent acts or have detailed descriptions of physical aspects of romance, adult content and/or innuendo, will be locked.

• ACC Events and Members - If you want to write a story or fan fic using real ACC events as a basis of your story, or use the likeness of other ACC members, please ensure you have obtained explicit permission from the members who were involved in the topic that you wish to write about. In each post that contains a chapter which is based on real ACC events or members, you must clearly state at the top of the post that permission was granted and from whom. You will also need to ensure that you keep a record of the permission you obtain and this should be done by sending members a private thread on ACC. This will allow ACC Modmins to check this in cases of dispute. If you want to write or talk about actual events in one of the AC games or other video games, please post on the appropriate board. If you are not sure which board to post on, please ask on this Sticky on the Site Support board.

• Co-Authoring - If more than one person is involved in writing a story or Fan Fic, please ensure that only one of the co-authors posts every chapter. Having two or more people posting chapters will only encourage other members not familiar to the board, to also post chapters in your thread.

• RPGs - While we appreciate that Role Playing Games can be great stories too, they are not allowed on this board as they are a game. Please therefore keep RPGs on the Forum Games board.

• Advertising - Please don't post an advertisement thread or send out mass PTs to advertise your story or fan fic. You may however advertise in your signature and in your profile. You may also advertise your story or fan fic in the Stories and Fan Fiction Advertising sticky on this board but may only link to threads on this board.

• Thread Titles- Please keep Rule 2.7 - Drawing Excessive Attention in mind. Do not try and draw attention to your thread by decorating the thread title with special characters or all capital letters. You are permitted to use a single character to separate pieces of information in the title.

• Constructive Criticism - If you are reading a story or fan fiction and wish to offer constructive criticism, please be polite. Remember that flaming and trolling will not be tolerated.

• Content must be kept on ACC - You may not advertise external web pages on this board, including blogs, creative writing profiles, or other social media pages or web pages. If you would like to include images with your story or blog posts, you may do so, but all remaining content must be kept within ACC.
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