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Chit-Chat Board Rules
ACC has many public boards, each for a specific purpose or area of discussion. In order to cater to everyone, and to keep the boards clean and user-friendly, public threads that could be considered silly or nonsensical in nature are allowed only on the Chit-Chat board. Those who wish to have more structured discussions should use another, more suitable, board. A list of all ACC boards, accompanied by a brief description of the purpose of each board, can be found here.

The following apply only on this board:

• You may create poll threads.
• You may create nonsense threads.
• You may create general chat threads.
• You may make nonsense posts on any of the threads on this board.
• You may respond to all posts and threads, regardless of seriousness.
• You may make posts unrelated to the thread topic.
• You may make posts that do not add any value to the thread.

In all cases, and to avoid petty arguments, please respect the wishes of the person who creates the thread.

In addition, all other Site Rules apply, including the remainder of the Spamming & Bumping and the Topics Not Allowed rules. Therefore, the following are not allowed:

• Posting offensive or adult content of any kind.
• Posting links to offensive or adult content.
• Trolling, flaming, bullying or attacking anyone.
• Posting multiple copies of the same thread.
• Stretching the page horizontally or vertically.
• Posting only the word ''bump'' to bump a thread.
• Posting several characters or emotes without any meaningful comments and not for the purpose of artwork.
• Clutter or nonsense threads not outlined as exceptions above.
• Controversial topics, inappropriate topics, or chain letters of any sort.
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