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Topic: Ability to turn the “want to advertise on ACC” ads off

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3/30 10:21am
Many users will not have anything to advertise as they’re young and still in school, and I feel like these are a waste of adspace that could lead to the loss of potential ad revenue. I, for instance, do not have anything to advertise, have seen these advertisments and they therefore simply serve as a waste of space to me now. Not to mention, they look far to much like the bell ads, leading to confusion.

Just a thought. But I think it’d be useful if there was the ability to turn them off in a users profile settings, and have normal ads take their place. They’re heavily advertised, and it just seems like a waste, in all honesty.

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I do not think it would be possible to turn off a specific type of advertisements. With the code being so old and outdated, we may just have to leave all the ads up. However, it is possible to turn off ads by donating to the site, which turns off all ads except for Bell Ads. However, it says specifically under Bell Ads that they are not actually ads. It may be possible, but it may have to wait until ACC 2.0.
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3/30 7:37pm
Ah. Time for a history lesson.

A few years ago we kept having problems with Google ads failing to load properly. Unfortunately, nobody could reliably reproduce the issue (it kept happening off-and-on), and none of the developer team have ever had any experience with working with Google ads, so it wasn't something we knew how to fix. Also, the disappearing ads were being detected by ACC as an adblocker, so affected users couldn't claim Bell ads, which was a pretty big problem.

Eventually, we decided on a workaround, which was that any ad that failed to load would be replaced by one of these "Want to advertise on ACC?" banners. So their existence isn't harming our ad revenue, because they're not replacing any existing ads - they're filling in gaps in the ad slots. And if we removed them altogether, we would be back to the original problem.

I realise it's not an ideal solution, but it's the best we've got for now. Sorry.

We haven't re-added ads to 2.0 yet, but it's entirely possible that, once we do, the issue will somehow resolve itself. In that case you would certainly see fewer or no "Want to advertise on ACC?" ads.
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Site Suggestions Board » Topic: Ability to turn the “want to advertise on ACC” ads off

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