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Topic: Pocket Camp and the next main series AC game

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discussion thread about how new features introduced in pocket camp (and other spin-offs, but mostly pocket camp) may be incorporated into a new main series title.

some things to start off:

will amenities be available in the next full game? maybe in the form of public works, or possibly a separate area where you can unlock them over time? if they do make an appearance, I'd like to be able to interact with them myself, instead of just watching the animals.

will the birds from OK motors return, or will they just be one-off characters? it's not like they haven't had one-offs before (serena, frillard, farley). if they DO return, what kind of purpose would they serve? would we still have a camper for them to decorate and expand? what could we use a camper for in a main series game?

PC has introduced a lot of new furniture sets. most of the new stuff could be repurposed as regular furniture sets easily enough. I'd be very happy if the Christmas furniture became a regular set sold in-store during December, while the jingle set is obtained on Toy Day (or vise versa), like how the creepy and spooky sets are obtained in NL. I'm mostly wondering how in the world the rover set could be obtained in a main series game. there's a lot of cute stuff in that set that would be a shame to lose. maybe rover becomes a wifi NPC like katie?

the garden events have introduced new flowers and creatures and I wonder if they'll return in a new game. the main series games only seem to have real life critters and plants (excluding some of the creative villager designs) so they might be an odd fit in a main series title.

edit: oh forgot to mention that I heard somewhere that PC will be compatible with a main series game. I don't remember where I heard that, so not sure if true, but thoughts on how that might work?
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