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3/21 12:33pm
I wanted to let everyone know that Iolite has asked to step down from her role as Site Manager, but will be remaining on the staff as a Moderator.

To say that Iolite has been a tremendous asset to the staff would be a gross understatement. She has done so much work and put in so much time, that to even try to list 10% of all she's done would take several paragraphs. ACC would truly not be where it is today without her.

She headed up the development team for the past several years, which including working with everyone to prioritize the work that needed to be done, helping find new members to join the development team, and was a huge help in getting ACC 2.0 defined and kicked off. She also formed the Special Projects team, and organized several new forums for these and other development efforts on ACC.

All this, in addition to helping out with other community needs and working with the rest of the staff to keep the site safe and moving forward.

Words simply cannot express how grateful I am for all she's done as a Site Manager.

The good news is, she'll still be around in the role as a Moderator, but she needed to step down from the bit more demanding role of Site Manager at this time.

Please join me in thanking Iolite for all she's done at this thread.
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