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12/14 8:28am
Just curious: how much have you expanded your market box & your item inventory? I have 16 spots for my market box and only carry 155 items right now. I'm wondering if I'm being too stingy with my leaf tickets and maybe I need to expand my inventory more? I feel like I've been really close to max for quite a while, but I'm always short a fruit beetle or pale chub or something dumb. Should I just blow some leaf tickets on expanding what I carry? Or am I hoarding the wrong things? I'm level 45, but I still consider myself very casual. I haven't crafted a ton of stuff, I haven't fully maxed out my amenities yet, I haven't completed any of the special events, but I do play every day. So let me know what you think!
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I've added 4 extra spots to my market box and I upgraded my inventory to 180 slots and that feels like the perfect ammount to me. I can hold 10 of all the common things, 5 of the bass, red snappers and horned dynastids, while still having room for a good handful of each of the shells and coconuts. my market box is just the right size to toss my extra inventory into at about the same rate people buy from me. I also recently hit 1000 leaf tickets without ever buying any, so it doesn't feel like I'm going to run out any time soon.

if you feel like you're always short on something, I'd say it's definitely worth it since it's permanent and not a one-time thing, like speeding up crafting or getting into the quarry
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12/13 8:43pm
My inventory is maxed out at 250. I am kind of a hoarder and paranoid about being short anything at all.
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12/12 10:46am
I've recently expanded my inventory to 180 spots. I've had it at 155 for a very long time, but I got tired of the constant fiddling I had to do, hence the expansion. I now keep 7 of the regulars, two of the super rares and 9 of the uncommon creatures and there's still space for some extras. These numbers are sufficient to never run out, while when I had 155 spots, I did run out sometimes because I kept between 4 and 6 of the regulars.

My market box has 13 spots and that's plenty, but I'm considering expanding to 16 because that would fill up the page nicely. I'm not considering going above that because it's already an effort keeping it fully filled.

I'm not short on Leaf Tickets, I currently have 719. I spent some on speeding up an amenity once or twice, on crafting spots and on the above-mentioned expansions. I'm at level 87, nearing 88. I've got everything maxed out except the latest five animals and I've done all the events; the only things that I didn't get are K.K. and Tom Nook and I'm still not sure whether to be sorry about that or not.
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12/9 1:29am
Wow, really you guys? You must have such patience!

I was full on inventory spaces as soon as I could get them in the game. I am begging Nintendo for at least 1 or 2 more now and then whenever they add new items in a space for each new item too.

So obviously you can tell what my feelings on the inventory subject are...

As far as the market boxes go, I added new ones until I could stock at least one of everything that could be stocked. I did this relatively early on, and back then it felt like a stupid way to waste your LTs. But now that I have tons of LTs collected I don't mind. But unless you enjoy being a trading hub (I sell out of at least 10 or so items daily) I think 10 or so would suffice. I happen to enjoy keeping it stocked and helping out others a lot in general.  

In fact I have read people on here telling others not to list rare and super rare items especially because they'll never sell. I haven't found this to be true personally. I keep my most expensive items priced reasonably (not 45K for a tuna lol) but people will buy them from me. I have no clue as to why they want them since they're useless right now, but they have a reason.

Also, if running a trade 'shop' regularly (re-stocking once or twice a day etc.) sounds like it might be fun, it also comes with other perks. I get more kudos, my plants rarely have time to run dry at all because so many friends and even strangers not on my FL are on my profile quite a lot buying things; so they take the time to water while they're there. Also, my quarry requests are usually granted within the first 15 minutes. When I talk to people on here they have mentioned they do these things (also buying my most expensive listings) as a 'thank you' for keeping a full, well-stocked market.

But if that sounds like your absolute nightmare (I get it, I am like that in other games lol) then I personally wouldn't see the benefit in getting more than 10 or so.
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