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Hello everyone.

Feature update 1.16.0 is now live. Please see below for details on all of the features added.

Profile - Pocket Camp Player IDs
: A field has been added to user profiles for users to easily share their IDs with other members. This can be found under Nintendo WiFi Settings when editing your profile. Once you enter an ID, it will show up in your profile under Nintendo WiFi Info and in a tab at the bottom of all of your posts.
Boards - Quick Guide Links: Various links have been added under the board descriptions for the AC:NL General and AC:PC General boards. These allow the linked content to be more easily found and accessed.
Boards - Friend Code Filter Message: In order to reflect the changes made to text in Modmin edits, red to blue, the message used by the friend code filter has been changed. It now reads *Friend Code Detected* instead of **DO NOT POST FRIEND CODES**.
Catalog - Item Name Capitalization: In order to better reflect the in-game format, item names have been changed to the capitalization that appears in the game as opposed to This Style Of Capitalization. If you find an item name that still does not match the in-game format, please report it on the Information Corrections sticky.
Guide - Pocket Camp characters: A filterable table has been added outlining all relevant information about villagers in Pocket Camp. This guide can be found here.
Guide - Pocket Camp crafting: A filterable table has been added detailing requirements for crafting all of the items in Pocket Camp. This guide can be found here.
Staff - Feature Discussions: A feature was added to make formatting markup in new features easier.
Fix - White Block in My Private Threads: Some browsers rendered the My Private Threads page with a white block in the header. This block has been removed.
Fix - Related Links on Homepage: Some users accessing the site with Safari reported inconsistent text sizes of the Related Links on the homepage. This has been fixed and all links should now be the same text size.

If you have any issues or queries about the update, they can be posted on the 1.16.0 Support sticky. Any corrections to item names should be posted in the Information Corrections sticky. Thank you and we hope you enjoy the updates!
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