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Topic: What if...Isabelle was the mayor?

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Animal Crossing: New Leaf's mayor concept was good, but restricting the power to one player (and overworking poor Isabelle) seemed a little unfair. I think the next game could profit by having Isabelle as the mayor.

Think about it: Isabelle was elected against her will as mayor, but she couldn't say no. She's excellent at handling the busy work, but she doesn't do well at handling PWP locations or town ordinances. She doesn't know what's best for the town - but she's got all the confidence in the world in making changes happen.

The players could serve as that direction for Isabelle. Isabelle would gladly handle all of the details, but the players would tell her what PWPs to place and where to place them. The players would give her "suggestions" and she would go through with them. That way everyone could have a voice in what happens in town. Players could vote on the town ordinances.

I feel like this would work better with the indecisive Tortimer who would probably claim any suggestions you give him, but alas, Nintendo has exiled him. What do you think?
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I do like the idea of being more of a town activist rather than being the mayor, since that way all four player characters can take part in building the town.

getting petitions from animals and going to other towns to complete the task was always a hassle, so what if the petitions were repurposed for unlocking public works? at random, sometimes an animal would ask you to help with a petition for a new PWP, and when you get the signatures (in your own town bc this actually affects your own town), you hand it in to the town hall and it gets added as a project you can fund later. to make PWP unlocking less tedious than NL, maybe you can also start a petition yourself when you visit a friend's town and they have something built that you want.

I do wonder how multiple player accounts would work on a new AC game though. both the WiiU and Switch have player accounts that let you have different save files for your games on shared systems. assuming the next AC game is on the switch, how will town creation work between accounts?

will it be one town for each system player account? in which case there wouldn't be any need for multiple playable characters since if you're sharing a console, each person can have their own town. if that's the case I don't see any reason for you NOT to be mayor

or will it be one town shared by everyone using the system? I'm pretty sure you can make more than 4 player accounts on the switch, so that would have to be a pretty big town to hold everyone. (edit: I just looked it up and you can have 8 accounts on the switch)
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Its a good thing Isabelle isn’t the mayor. Look up “Isabelle ruins everything” on YouTube...
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