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Topic: feelings about Blathers in ACNL

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3/8 10:51am
in wild world Blathers was my favorite character. He had so much to say about every single thing you gave to him and showed genuine nerdy excitement for life. but in new leaf he is like,,, a husk of his former self?? i know a big part of it is significantly less dialogue but idk. what do you guys think about our poor sweet owl boy? what happened to him?  
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I think the decision to cut back on Blathers' dialogue was a bad idea.

Why is it in other games Nintendo has amazing detail and fans don't fail to appreciate it? Blathers is Blathers because he blathers! That's his whole point. It's like putting Celeste somewhere that doesn't involve the stars at all (which they did, except for her RV). I could go on and on with what they did wrong with the dialogue and characterization in New Leaf.

On that note, I almost never check the information about the exhibits. Even if it Blathers went on about something as simple as a fish taco, I loved his dialogue. Now he's just more repetitive and ignorable, instead of having charming dialogue a lot of people actually liked.
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yes he was my absolute favourite in PG, WW and CF, but in NL I forget about him most of the time

I remember before NL came out, people used to complain about blathers talking too much when they donated things, so I guess they took that to heart. I wish there was just an option where he would cut himself off and be like "oh sorry for rambling!" and you would get two responses that would either let him keep going or cut it short. (I forget, DID a previous game have this option? it seems like a simple and good compromise).

but really, all the characters dialogue in NL was very bland. the story about the Able sisters' parents doesn't really get told (just that Labelle is back with them after working in the city), Tom Nook doesn't really talk about his early days in business or growing up with Sable, Pete, Pelly and Phyllis's love triangle is nearly non-existent aside from pete making creepy comments about phyllis (and for that matter, pelly and phyllis are completely forgettable in this game when they used to almost be like mascots). none of the new characters have ANY backstory at all, since the only reason the old characters do is because they were in the old games.

even the villagers are so boring. it's not even that they're too nice (though that's part of it), but that nothing affects them. it used to be that conversations could lead to the animal being sad, angry or happy afterwards, and a conversation could branch out in all sorts of ways because you could were prompted to give a response 2-3 times. now the conversations are the same every time, and sometimes I see people on tumblr who are SHOCKED that a character left the conversation expressing an emotion because NL is their first game and even after months of playing it, they had never encountered that.

if it weren't for the dialogue, I'd say NL improved on every single aspect of the series.
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AC:NL had so much content but was severely lacking on dialogue.
Blathers says the same short lines almost every time.
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5/14 6:11pm
What I hope they do in the Switch version is make it where players can skip over the dialogue if you want to. That way people who are interested in what he has to say can hear him talk, and people who don't care don't have to hear it.
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