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Topic: How does Time Travel work?

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2/3/2018 7:55pm
So, because the layout of my town was utter crap, i decided to restart my save. And thanks to having some time to play the game before, i know how to make money easily, i know how to unlock all the places, but the thing is, i don't want to have to wait at least, what, a week or so to be ALLOWED to unlock the shops i had. (Shampoodle's, T&T, Kicks, Club LOL)

So i was considering resorting to Time Travel to get to where i was again. Problem is, i have no idea how it works. If i go forward in time and get something to start building, can i go BACK to before it started and still have it? Do stocked items change every time i change the time? I dunno if there's a specific method to time travelling, if there is, can anyone tell me?
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for some things, going back in time will count as moving one day forward, and for other things it'll have no effect at all. you won't lose anything going back in time. going back in time always counts as 1 day forward no matter how far you go back. you could go back YEARS and some things will have only progressed one day, and some things will be just as you left them. overall reverse time travel is pretty safe.

if you have turnips and you time travel backwards, they will spoil

villagers who are planing to move out progress one day when time traveling backwards, so if a villager is planing to move out tomorrow and you go back to yesterday or earlier, they'll be in boxes. that's the only other thing you have to watch out for with reverse time travel.

forward time travel is pretty standard. if you go forward one week, your game will progress one week as if you hadn't been playing on the skipped days.

if you're going to be TTing a lot, it's a good idea to have the beautiful ordinance, since none of your flowers will die no matter how far in time you jump.

if you have villagers you care about, only TT one day at a time and make sure to check for movers each day. once someone asks to move out, tell them no (or yes if you want them gone). after that, you'll be able to go as far forward in time as you'd like in one jump without losing anyone, since nobody is currently planing to move (unless you said yes to a character you wanted gone, then only they will be gone).
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It's best not to Time Travel when you do the petition for Club LOL.  I've read lots of posts where a player time travelled after handing the petition in.  They jumped ahead to get the Club opened faster and it never opened.  To solve it you could move one day ahead, save/quit and than move another day ahead until you get the club opened.

The 2 weeks that Gracie has sales get effected by TTing.   I had a spare town that had the store.  Time travelled for holidays and most of the time all of the items were sold out for the 2 weeks.
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