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9/25 10:34am
As the Winter Carnival has come to and end, the Staff and SPT would like to thank everyone who participated in the Event and we truly hope you enjoyed yourself this past week!

The winners of the games and contests are:

Blurry Image Contest - Pookahchu
Catch the Sled - Filbert06
Snowman Bingo - MonkeyHannah, idk123770, Tamagotchi895, Filbert06 & kissabLe_j
Snowball Fight Staff/SPT - Members Staff Score: 200 Member Score: 289

Congratulations to our winners and don't forget to check the threads linked above to find all the scores and prizes! Thank you again to all participants. Looks like the staff will have to try twice as hard next snowball fight!

If you enjoyed this Event then we hope you're excited for ACC's 2018 Winter Olympic's Event starting next month. Stay tuned for information and updates and if you feel that you would like to help plan or have ideas for upcoming Events then why not think about joining ACC's Media & Events Special Projects Team? We would love to hear your ideas and make this ACC's best year yet! Anyone is welcome to apply, regardless of their experience on ACC or planning events.

If you are interested in joining the SPT, please contact us by creating a private thread and adding the following people:

Devin2600, Dimentio95, wakkitty, yankees24cano.
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