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1/19/2018 1:32pm
Hi!, Me and a fellow crosser have created a animal crossing fan site and we have heard horror stories of Nintendo shutting down fan sites. we haven't published the site yet but wanted to ask other sites if they have had any issues with Nintendo or what the guidelines are for making sure that we don't break any rules. we are really new to this and any tips you can give us would be amazing! Also if you do have permission from Nintendo, how would we go about doing that as well?

I could not for the life of me find another way to contact the staff or even who i need to contact to ask this. so sorry if this is the wrong place!<3

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6/16 7:39pm
No worries, this place is fine!

Legally speaking, yes, ACC violates Nintendo's copyright - just like the vast majority of fansites - by including assets from their games (e.g. the logo, the villager illustrations in the avatars, the banner artwork, and so forth).

Nintendo don't generally provide explicit permission for fansites to exist, because that would give them no control over the content of those sites; but equally, they don't shut down fansites as soon as they notice them, because that would deprive them of what is essentially free advertising. Instead, they pretend not to notice, and only demand a shutdown if the fansite actually starts doing something that they think would harm their sales (such as distributing pirated copies of their games). This is one of the reasons why ACC has a rule against sharing pirated software.

I would recommend you go ahead and publish your site. The absolute worst that can happen is that they do demand you shut it down - in which case you will be in exactly the same position as you are now, no worse off.
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