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Topic: Accidentally sold fishing rod, help please!

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1/14/2018 8:24am
Hi, yesterday I accidentally sold my fishing rod at the recycle store. I hoped that with Nooks refresh this morning that I'd get one in there but I didn't, I got another net and shovel. I only started playing yesterday and as I already bought my first rod at the town hall, I can't seem to buy another one.

Obviously given that I only just started, I really do need the rod to earn bells so I can continue playing, and open the island. I was just wondering if anyone happened to have one they could spare to gift to me? I'm happy to send you the bells to pay for it if you tell me how to do that.

My friend code is **DO NOT POST FRIEND CODES**. My name is stef and the town name is North.

I know it's real cheeky of me to ask, but I really am desperate and given that I've already waited 24hrs and Nooks didn't get me one, I'm kinda stuck until I can get a new one somewhere!

Thank you in advance.
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4/1/2018 3:39pm
I'm sorry I can't help you with one as I am knew and my town isn't very old yet either, but I wanted to add in that I've noticed Nook's doesn't want to alternate the tools very often. To start with I had the fishing rod and shovel for 4 days straight. I ended up getting my net from Town Hall, and then on the 5th day Nook's was selling the net, of course. The   rod will show, be patient

A tip for money though in the mean time.... check for shells several times and sell them all off, some of them give you decent money. Earn enough bells to buy some paper and send a letter to people in your town with a piece of the town fruit attached (or a cheap shell) and they will sometimes send you a gift back that you can resell as well (or a new fruit to plant).  Also, if you have the shovel, if you are really really in need of money, after you assess the fossils, sell them instead of donating them until you get the fishing rod, you'll always find more of the same fossils later And don't forget the town fruit! Sell to Re-Tail (not Nook) and you'll get about 100 per fruit

Anyway, I hope that helps as one beginner to another! I've played other Animal Crossing games and remember first starting out can be hard until  you get all of the basic tools and get a good routine going.

Good luck! Wish I could send a rod but I only have the 1, and Nook didn't have one for sale today.
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1/15 12:27pm
you will have to be patient, it will come eventually.
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