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Topic: What jobs do you think the animals would have?

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1/24 11:59pm
This is a thread to talk about your career ideas for the animals in AC. Or if they're already employed, jobs they might have on the side.

I can only see Hippeux as a schoolteacher or music instructor. And I think Kicks could have a nice secret life as a detective. Jay could be a paperboy, and Stinky has always been implied to be a wrestler.

And I honestly, honestly think Paula could be an anger management instructor. =P
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5/3/2018 3:14am
this is actually something that I wish would be flushed out in game, not nessecarilly a part of the game, but have the villagers state that they have a job as a *blank* just, to fill it out a bit,
over all though I suppose it dosent add much to the game so probably will never be added
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Goldie would be a librarian. Stitches would work in a toy store. Merengue would work in a bakery.
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2/16 11:57pm
I think April Fool's information in New Leaf actually lists some dream jobs for villagers, although that's not quite the same thing as something they could be doing at this point in their lives.

Daisy would be an archaeologist, and Bones would be the historian who helps find answers to the clues Daisy unearths.

Kiki could be a great fashion consultant, maybe working as a clerk or freelance designer for the Able Sisters. Her dream is to write, according to ACNL, but she also did a fashion catwalk with Tabby in the ACGC days so it's not totally out there I guess. It could pay the bills until she finishes her book at least.
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6/5/2018 7:01am
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