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Topic: Are all unorderable items recoverable one way or another?

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1/24/2018 7:39pm
Hello friends

Today I wanted to ask a question that I has been stressing me a bit ever since I started collecting them, which is if there's unorderable items (from the catalog) that you can no longer get?
I wanted to know because sometimes I find some cool items in another player's home, or sometimes I even have some items of my own that are taking up space, but I'm not sure if it'd be possible to ever recover them if I ever decide to discard the item to make room.

As far as I know, you can get these items from special holiday events, Villagers' RVs, etc. but is it possible to somehow get every unorderable item back if you lose it or discard it? If not, could there be a list of the limited/ one-time-only items? Thanks a lot
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10/2/2018 2:59pm
Flagging this thread for later, I'm also curious about this.

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5/3/2018 3:14am
as far as im aware, if its un-orderable and you somehow lose it, its gone, unless you recomplete the requirements to get it again.

which creates a weird balloon affect of you storing un-orderable items cause you might not be able to get it again, but then you don't wanna use it cause it dosent fit your current style, till you have a boat load of items...
its annoying.
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Gracie's clothes and furniture, and prizes from tourneys and events (such as Festivale and Weeding Day) will be available again the next year. Prizes from the HHA and Brewster are a one-time-only thing per character. You'd have to create another character to get them again or buy/trade for them.
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1/17 8:20pm
The trading boards could help with the one time items.  

For the one time items from HHA and Nintendo Zone like the Blue Ogre I keep those in another players saved mail.  Also keep all the items from other Countries, Snowpeople Sets, Easter Full Set, Weeding Day Full Set and Halloween set in the saved mail.  

The special paper before the update has been removed from the catalog.   Since the update I haven't received any special paper from the villagers.  Before the update I was getting special Halloween paper and the other 4 types that can't be bought at the store.  Those are in my saved mail.

The New Years Toys are on display in one of my houses.  You could time travel to get them or buy them.

The sloppy full set, hybrid flower bags and 7-11 can be bought on a trading board.  Those are in my different players saved mail.
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