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11/13 3:02am
Nothing More Than an Escape


Along the shores of an uncertain ocean, in a region with towns defined by a strange conceit of boundary defined by vertically shooting cliffs, anthropomorphic animals lived. They talked and mingled, lived and relaxed – a lifestyle without much to worry or think about in a scope beyond their borders. Their lives were considered normal in their society and their interactions with the strange and relatively rare humans was minimal and peaceful. Their region was composed of thousands of towns in similar area, intricately made by an unknown process that scholars failed to understand to an explained science.

In a by gone age defined as the inception of their interactions with humans, all animals of the region remember hordes of thousands of humans moving into the small towns of the boundless continent, inhabiting homes and working with villagers to make their town beautiful, united, or the complete opposite. It was truly a time of transformation and new experiences that was welcomed by the animals of the time. Stories were told and memories were passed down from generation to generation of the glory of the era. Great paths of intricate stone and beautiful flowers were laid about in towns across the region and regional trade was thriving with poor regions receiving bountiful amounts of money from eager inhabitants.

Over time however, humans began leaving in droves, some entering their homes and mysteriously disappearing. Human homes were demolished en masse and animals mourned the loss of their beloved friends. After about two decades of relatively constant connection with humans, they were rarely seen now. In distant lands too far for regular contact, across the Digital Seas and beyond the Barrier Islands, humans inhabited newly formed regions by the unknown process. These lands, thousands of miles away were new and strange, and rarely any contact would ever be made with them. Every few years, a story by an ancient, nomadic turnip seller or Crazy Redd would spread across Wild World over the glories of the new lands. However, barely anyone ever wanted to leave – nor could they. When a few animals decided that they wanted to move across to new lands, their hearts made them feel inescapably attached to their native lands. They could not move anywhere else – their hearts and minds were programmed to stay in their respective region and move nowhere else – another move by the so called unknown process.

By the time of the 10th Modern Census of Wild World, the most recent census of the region, the population was 99.6% Animal and 0.4% Human, with ever declining numbers since the 4th Census. Humans were rare and their delicate care was treasured by the few communities who still had them dutifully tending to their town and communicating with their nearby animals. Their company was a strange, but welcomed change long ago and their disappearance was a blow for the future of the region. And it seems that future will continue to be void of humans.

In one town, a small town, just like the dozens of others across Wild World, a single human lived. His name was James – and he was one of the only humans left for hundreds of miles. He cared for his community and the animals of the town enjoyed his presence for nearly five decades. However, his presence was something that was beginning to be a strange, mystical phenomenon to be admired. For the last three or so decades James came out of his home everyday, but only during two hours – 5 A.M. and 9 P.M. Every morning and evening, animals saw the narrow pathways of the town in tip top shape with the beautiful flowers that lined them staying in equally pristine condition. James was unique and a subject of major interest in the town, but only a few animals ever talked to him. These few animals talked to him everyday for just a few, valued minutes and no one could really understand the true grasp of his existence. His so called concept of reality that swept the minds of the villagers was so foreign and strange. One thing stuck with the animal villagers of the town that they would debate over intensively – James’ notable sentimental catchphrase that this life is nothing more than an escape.

Hey guys! If don't know if many of you guys remember me, but I consider myself one of the ancients of this board considering the last major, dedicated fan-fic I did was way back in 2013. I started around 2010 or 2011 with truly horrifyingly bad fan-fics that evolved into much better pieces of writing.

Now, I have decided to come back with a minor project because I really love writing and I want to have an exercise I want to do once in a while. This fan-fic will probably be shorter than 10 chapters in the end, but it might take 10 months to finish with my crazy schedule irl.

It seems that the Creative Writing board is extremely sparse compared to the heyday to when I was writing and it makes me kind of sad to see the board in this shape. However, I'm certain that one day we may return with a Switch release. Hopefully you guys will find this fan-fic interesting and I hope to be able to bring you guys updates once every few weeks.
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11/22 9:25am
Matthew!  I'm so glad you decided to write again!

I enjoyed your prologue and I'm looking forward to reading more! I've missed your stories!
GG loves ACNH!
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11/21 3:29am
Nicely written. I may have to start checking in here a little more often again.
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How did I not know about this before? =O So amazing and intriguing, I can't wait to see more!
Thank you for the Reese memories (7/9/13-9/27/17)
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