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11/18/2017 2:47pm
hi guys so i have a couple of questions....
Why do people hack?
Can the new 2dsxl be hacked?
Where do you get face bandages from?
Are there any special gardening tips?
Is there any way i can change my nose?
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1/17 7:09pm
1) mostly because it's fun. you can put things where they don't belong or change textures or get all the stuff you want. lots of reasons to hack
2) idk I don't actually know how to hack
3) labelle sells them in the accessory shop. they're pretty common so you could probably get some for free from a generous person in the trading forums

4) lots of gardening tips!
•when trying to grow hybrids, plant your flowers in a diagonal/checkerboard pattern with spaces between. they still count as touching if they're diagonal and it gives the maximum ammount of free spaces for hybrids to spawn
•only water flowers that you want to breed. having beautiful town ordinance prevents flowers from wilting in the meantime and increases your chances of getting hybrids
•Bamboo has the exact same planting rules as trees. They’re basically just funny looking trees that have fruit that grows underground.
•Bamboo shoots can only appear up to two spaces away from the parent bamboo, so wrapping your bamboo with two rings of whatever you want will save you the hassle of cleaning it up.
•Cedar saplings can only grow on the top half of the town.
•You can only make a row of about 12 (13?) bushes and trees that are touching

5) your nose is stuck how it is. the best you can do is hide it under accessories
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