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Have you ever thrown a party in any of your towns? What kind of stuff did you do?

My first party was a Halloween party, which I hosted in my then recently completed Halloween town, Yorkwood. I filled up every free space with giftwrapped goodies like various halloween items, black, orange and purple hybrids, and a bunch of one-time-use items such as fireworks and ice cream. I put up an open invitation on my tumblr a few hours ahead of time, collected friend codes, then kept posting whenever a slot opened up so people were in and out all night. Despite my super lax supervision, the only damage to my town were four missing hybrids which were easily replaced with leftover giftwrapped flowers the next day.

My second party was a 2015 new years party in Maplerow. I did the same thing with the gifts on the ground, but this time I only invited three friends. I changed the date on my 3DS so new years would happen at 9pm my time because of timezone issues with my friends, but for some reason my parents decided (without telling me) that that year we were going to start the real life new years celebration at 8pm because they didn't feel like staying up past 9 missed out on most of the yummy food that night
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