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Topic: Grief for old town, help?

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12/6/2017 11:08am
So about a month ago I deleted my town as I had not been playing for ages and all my best villagers had left,  I really love my new town dearly as it is a new start for me, but I just keep having my old town popping up in the back off my mind, I just regret deleting my town, I wish there was a way to restore it, if there is please tell me if not at least help me to get over my old town?!

Note: I have the physical copy of ac, not the digital copy.
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There isn't a way to recover deleted towns, whether physical or digital.

You should definitely try themeing your new town with paths and PWPs that match. It helps make your new town feel unique, and, since you started over, you can focus on the theme from the beginning.
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Perhaps you'll miss the old town less as your favorite villagers move in! If you don't feel like waiting for them, check out this thread. Also, try looking at this as an opportunity to build an even better town. Make a list of things you want to accomplish in-game, as well as a list of things you miss about the other town, and get to work! Once it's ready for showing off, you can have guests over and/or share your town's dream address with others for feedback. Any compliments could help you feel better about your decision to rebuild the town. :]
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Hey there! Welcome to the site.

Nothing wrong with having fond memories of your old town! I guess what you can do now is just make the most out of this one. Time and effort can shape it into something superior to your old town. I used to kinda hate my NL town, but with time I grew to like it a lot more, villagers and all! All I had to do was analyze what I disliked about it and try to work on those problems. And as Creepiest did say, compliments do help. And I'm sure you'll get them! We have a great community.

I'm sorry about your old town, but I hope you enjoy this one twice as much.
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