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Happy Spooktober, everyone! Brought to you by the Media & Events SPT and the Staff!

We hope you're ready for the next few days because we have lots planned for you! It wouldn't be Halloween without costumes, parties and trick or treating and this year you don't even have to leave your house to get full effect! We have prepared a variety of different contests with the theme of Halloween including a costume contest, room design contest, exterior and yard design contest (HHD) and even a fan fiction contest for those without games.

We will also be hosting an in-game Trick or Treating session with kikicat on October 27th and Aurora6 on October 29th and it's not too late to join! If you don't have Wi-Fi or any of the Animal Crossing games we have a fun forum game called Catch the Candy where you can earn prizes for catching the most candies!

You may join all the contests/games available and the more the merrier!

Room Design Contest
Exterior and Yard Design Contest (HHD)
Halloween Fan Fiction Contest
Catch the Candy
Trick or Treat Wi-Fi Session

A special Halloween treat will be a stream hosted by kikicat on October 31st! She will be streaming Animal Crossing: Gamecube for Halloween night. You can watch the stream on Twitch starting at 8:30pm by the channel Nyxur. Hope to see you there!

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