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5/9/2018 11:12pm
Around ACC, there are a couple of pages that could use slight updates or additions. For example, the basic help page (by clicking the question mark in the top-right corner) includes some old text such as:
"AC:GC, AC:WW, AC:CF, or any new Animal Crossing games to come."
that makes it clear the page hasn't been updated in a few years. The same page also attempts to explain elements of ACC's banners and sidebars, like the ACC Buddies tab, but hasn't been updated to include information like the ACC Staff bar or the ACC WiFi bar. There are probably also some other important parts of the sites to mention, though they escape me currently.

Another page that could use some updates is the ACC Treasure Hunting page (click the "Bells: " line) that holds some FAQs. For one, it starts with "The staff and SIC" and the SIC isn't exactly a thing anymore (and also, to the best of my knowledge, the acronym isn't even explained on any of the main info pages, so new members wouldn't necessarily know what it means). The "What can I do with bells" section could be updated with information about how the Bell Shop will be worked on after the site is revamped into 2.0. Also, there's no explanations about the "(#xyz)" at the end of the bells line that talks about the top bells list that has been implemented into the site.

The ACC FAQ page could probably use a couple updates too. Under the acronyms section, there is no mention of the SPTs (Special Projects Teams) or their subcategories, HHD (Happy Home Designer), and "Yellow circle" could probably be replaced with the word "Idle" because I have never heard (contextually) reference made to the former. Also, as evidenced by a subheading of "How do I get my friend code (AC:WW & AC:CF)? How can we trade them on ACC?", the page hasn't been updated to talk about how WW/CF Wi-Fi servers are no longer up, so they can't connect. There's also no info about how to get FC's and the like on New Leaf, which could be added. As alluded to earlier, SPTs were not even around then, so the page could probably use updates about that. Also this:
"» How do I make my text have color? How do you get markup in your signature?
Use this guide for markup help.

Markup in signatures is a perk for people who have donated $5 or more to ACC. If you have donated $5 or more, just use regular markup codes and it will show up in color (or whatever markup you used)."
has no link or explanation, so there's no guide there at all.

Overall, just a few pages seem like they need to be tidied up. I know there was the Game Guides SPT that cleaned up some old pages about the games, but the site-related pages are sometimes a little outdated too, and it wouldn't hurt to update them for any new members.
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