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Hello everyone,

Please use this thread to submit content you’d like to see included in a future issue of the ACC Newsletter. Please make sure the content is appropriate for ACC. If an article in the Newsletter prompts you to submit ideas or content via email or private thread, then please do follow the instructions given in the article itself. That way, nothing gets missed.

Please note that, while we do try our hardest to include as much as possible, there may be instances where any content submitted may not be included in the next, or any future issues of the Newsletter. We aim to keep the Newsletter within reasonable length and as varied as possible.

If you wish to provide suggestions or feedback on how the Newsletter may be improved, feel free to use this thread for that as well.

Finally, if working on the ACC Newsletter or site-wide events interests you, please feel free to submit an application to join the Media and Events Special Projects Team. More info on how to sign up can be found on this thread. If you’re submitting an application, or just have some questions, feel free to send a PT to the following members:

Devin2600, Dimentio95, wakkitty, yankees24cano

Thank you for your participation!
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