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4/22 5:40am
Chapter 1

So im going to explain how I was stuck being a shop keeper. When I was a little racoon my parents told me that life wasnt easy. They said soon I will have to find a way to earn a living in the big city. I knew it was time to finally make a living of my known. That night I went to bed and all night I spend staring at the moon through my bedside window. I could not sleep ; my life was about to completely change.

The following morning I had to tell my parents that it was time to move on. I went to pack up my belongings so I was ready to move into the big city. My parents gave me 30,000 bells so I was ready to build myself a shop in the city centre. I had always found the city life hard, terrible and tiering. You bumped into so many animals who always wanted to stop for conversations. I had to catch a bus to get to where I was going to build my shop. A nice lad named Kapen drove the bus. I felt nervous. My heart was pounding with fear as the bus drew closer to were my new life was about to begin.

The bus stoped. I slowley creped off the bus to see loads of animals walking around happily. The first thing I had to do was think were I could build my shop and were I could buy the materials from. The sky was getting darker and I had no home or no shop. I found a pear tree and I slept under it for shelter.
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5/17 5:00pm
Very good cant wait to read the next chapter
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11/15 8:49pm
Great beginning! The scared homeless struggles of a raccoon getting ready to set up shop ^.^
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