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1/20 1:41pm
Update 1.14.0 is now live. Since we had to get this update done in time for the Summer Beach Party Event which started today, we couldn't get more features into this update.

Here are the details of the features that were deployed.

Banner - Summer Beach Party: This is a banner for the Home Page to celebrate a Summer Beach Party event being hosted by the Staff and Members that make up the Special Projects Team for Media & Events.

Character Admin - Add missing data for New Leaf: There were a few Special Characters and 7 species missing from Character Admin, and these have all now been added. Character Admin is where all the game characters such as special visitors, villagers and non-player town characters, are added. The information then appears in various table and guides on ACC.

Emotes - Summer Beach Party: This is a set of tanned emotes wearing sunglasses, and are available to use while the Staff and Members of the Special Projects Team for Media & Events are hosting a Summer Beach Party event.

Guide - New Leaf April Fools' Day - The April Fools' Day Guide for New Leaf, found here, had an incomplete table. Thanks to the Members AC1NL and Lasquilter, the missing data was gathered and the guide has now been completed.

Guide - New Leaf Island: The New Leaf Island Guide is very extensive and large. It has now been made collapsible so that it is presented in easy-to-read chunks.

Items List - Images: This feature has added images to the New Leaf Items List with the help of the Member, Dilpyckle. Although many pictures were added, we will need help from the Community to get some of the other types of pictures that don't appear in the in-game catalogue. Images such as animal pictures can be acquired from homes in the Happy Home Showcase, but other items can't be pictured that way. Once we've decided which way we'd like to proceed we will make a thread for everyone to submit their images.

Items List - Welcome amiibo Items Table: Under the GamePlay section in the left sidebar, for each game there is an Items List and a Guides section. The items for each Animal Crossing game are listed in the Items List, which is also a section in the Guides menu page. The information listed for items can't currently be sorted and it can only be filtered on name, theme or category. The Welcome amiibo Items Table feature is a new type of table that we've tried out which allows for sorting and filtering on more criteria. It is only for the Welcome amiibo items but the table provides much more information than usual. We hope that this is the first step in a new way we present all data in future. Here is a link to the superb feature. If you love the functionality of this table, and also love having so much information, please watch out for another announcement soon where we will be asking the Community to help us fill in all gaps we have in our data. This Community Project will ensure more spiffy tables like this in future.

My Catalog - Alphabetize the information: In the My Catalog area for all games, the categories at the top of the catalogue page are now shown alphabetically, and so are the themes within a category. The different sections within each category used to appear in theme order or the order they appeared in Nook/ling's catalogue - without having a choice to sort between the two. This update introduces the choice to sort on theme, in Nook/ling's catalogue order, or alphabetically. This update is especially useful for New Leaf, because the alphabetical sorting will make it much easier to fill in the My Catalog, as it can be sorted in the same order as the in-game catalogue. While updating My Catalog, it was decided to remove the DLC category for New Leaf. All items that used to appear there have been redistributed to their proper categories.

These features were brought to you by ACWWFreakazoid and AnnetteSR. If you have any queries about the features, please post your questions in this thread.

We hope you enjoy the features and also enjoy participating in the Summer Beach Party event.
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