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Topic: AC:HDD glitched AC:NL?

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6/16/2017 9:42pm
so... I literally JUST NOW did that whole thing where Isabelle helps you upload your HHD data onto ACNL. during the process, I noticed Isabelle kinda... "jump" diagonally left on the screen, but because I wasn't looking directly at the screen at the moment, I thought I was seeing things. The rest of the process went normally, until I actually loaded up my ACNL game.

Yesterday, I visited the character Mitzi's house once as a request. Like they always do, she sent me a present. But she sent me two letters. They both had the exact same wording, but different paper styles and different gifts.
I also let the character Diana visit my house once as a request, and she also sent me a present. But again, she sent two with the exact same wording, but different papers and presents each.
Yesterday, I also ordered a Small Round Cactus and an Aquarius Urn from Sahara's RV in the Campground. I got two of each as well, but I only ordered one of each. My mailbox was completely full because of these things.

is anyone having this same problem? Does anyone know if anything else is going to be damaged?
Also, are these items corrupted somehow? Will my game break if I try to use or sell them or something?
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I remember having seen a mention of this once before, in this thread, post #111. I don't know what happened afterwards.
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10/20/2017 3:06pm
That's so strange! I don't think it's particularly hurting your game but does seem to be a minor mishap. I'd contact Nintendo customer service with the game issue since it has to do with the update. Good luck!
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