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4/19 10:28pm
Anyone else have it?
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10/25/2021 11:19am
I've had it since I was a kid. I went to therapy for that and a few other phobias, but I still can't shake torrential rain and snow. I've had a massive fear of tornadoes since I was maybe four or five.

Driving in any rain heavier than light/moderate makes me anxious, although I'm not bad at the actual driving part (I had to drive my sister and a close friend of mine through a storm that caused three separate accidents on the highway).

Not sure where the anxiety came from, since my entire family (and extended family) does not have this problem. It gets very frustrating at times.
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5/22/2020 1:23am
Yes. It doesn't help much living in the midwest. I grew up hearing all sorts of stories (mostly from other kids on the playground when I was 6) of an F5 tornado that ravaged my part of town in the 1950's (my grandma even kept the newspaper, because she used to live in my house, which is in the same part of town as my parents house, but not in the path, even though she saw it from the front porch). I spent much of my childhood digging up old debris from this tornado in my parents backyard (which their house-- or should i say the house that existed before theirs, was directly in the path). Mostly old busted vases and dishes and bath tiles were things that I found. I did find a piano tuner one time when I was 6 though.

I know for most part, outcomes of these storms are much better than than they for most part used to be due to more awareness and better weather reporting on when to take cover (the exception being tornadoes like the Joplin one).

I'm still deathly terrified of tornadoes though. Any time the sirens go off, I'm running to a safe place and curling up in a ball.

I will never also understand anyone who can sleep through a thunderstorm either.
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