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6/4 11:42am
What better way to kick off the unofficial start of Summer than with some new contests?  With the help of our new Media and Events Special Project Team we are putting on two awesome contests that you should definitely check out below!

Our first contest is a Fuzzy Image Contest. You may remember we had one of these during our GameCube event a few months ago, and with such positive participation we decided to bring it back! Though, this time with a twist! If you'd like to participate be sure to enter this contest by clicking the link.

Our second contest is a Caption Contest. Here members are asked to give a caption for a given Animal Crossing photo. The photo, and how to enter, can be found on the linked thread.

We are hoping to put on a number of contests and events in the future, so please keep an eye out! If you have any questions or concerns about the contests, or anything related feel free to PT Devin2600, Dimentio95, wakkitty, and yankees24cano.


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